Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I took Thursday and half day Friday off work so I could clean my poor neglected house. Thursday, I did really well, worked all day and got a lot accomplished. Friday…. Well, after making snow ice cream with cherries on top with my residents and walking home through a winter wonderland, I made the mistake of cleaning off my nightstand. "Why is cleaning off your nightstand a mistake?” you ask. It was a mistake because my charm pack of Nancy Drew fabric was there. It was such a lovely snowy day I ended up sewing instead of cleaning. (I know that none of you have *ever* done such a thing.) <wink>

I had some issues with my math ( you can't get 2.5 inch HSTs out of 2.5 inch squares unless you have super powers or magic and my wand is broken and I am out of fairy dust!) so I needed something brainless to work on to rest after fixing all my calculations.

In retrospect, I should have started cleaning house then  but instead I thought I would start a scrappy trip around the world- I have this wonderful bag of strips already cut. ( Thank you Fairy CaMom)  I sorted some of the strips and then realized they were NOT all the same size and some were  a wee bit diagonal. “Ok, no prob- I will make a wonky trip around the world” so I started stitching strips together. I cut the first set of strips and realized it wasn’t going to work as I had pictured but I could still do something with the strip sets.

I love the tropical colors in these strips

I must have dreamed about the strip sets because as soon as I woke up on Saturday I had an AHA! Moment. I could make some herringbone blocks. I sorta used the tutorial here at bijou lovely –except the pictures didn't come through at all on my phone AND I already had these lovely strips sewn together so I just started cutting my wonky strip sets into diagonals. 

  I was late for work at the store because I was having way too much fun. I had some yellow marble from Moda in my stash (again thanks Fairy CaMom) added some sashing.
I told my moms it was a wild hair –ing bone and then decided it was because I am hairbrained, so I have dubbed this my Hairbrained Herringbone Quilt.
Since I can’t show you Nancy Drew yet ( my day is the 14th) I shall share this with you!
I still have quite a ways to go before it is done- I want it Cuddle size for a snowy day.

On another note- I also wanted to share my Dr Seuss What's Happening Board that I did for the nursing home each of the trufula trees, stripes and hands has the date and time for an activity happening in march. I love celebrating Dr Seuss with my residents. We have a group of kids coming to celebrate with us - we  will be making oobleck!

Thursday we are having a Quilt Show at the Nursing Home- I will share pictures next week!


lori said...

very kool I likely

Michelle said...

If you've got enough fabric to spare, you can draw a diagonal line down the center of the 2 1/5" square and sew along it. Makes a 2 1/2" hst unit, but you lose half of the fabric. Or have smaller units for another project.