Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spools to racers

I have been teaching arts n crafts at my sister's school - but this year I have been unable to because of the car situation and lack of assistance at the nursing home.  Yesterday I was able to teach! I had planned to make chicks in eggs, however I drove past the store and didn't get the needed brads. So it was plan B. One of the moms works at a factory and had brought me some plastic spools at the beginning of the school year. I had spring chicks on the mind, I said Hmm,  I wonder...  (and my sister laughed at me)  I had a bit of time before the kidlets were ready for me so I fiddled with some paper and glue and voila I had a plan.  Plastic Spools Crayons, paper, Glue, markers = bunny n chick racers
These turned out even cuter than I thought they would and are so much fun. However Elmers school Glue does not hold the paper on the spool for long. After the initial race we used scotch tape to repair the damage.
Miah and I even played with one at the restaurant. Way too fun!

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