Friday, April 3, 2015

Swaps and stuff

I am a part of a swap group on Facebook  and I have had a blast with the last few swaps. I have sent a Pincushion to Dubai. I thought it fitting to send a snowman to the desert.  I received a BEAUTIFUL Pincushion from Australia.  I sent a Valentine coin purse (using Madame Samm's tutorial) to Scotland   and Spring Fling  fabric to Mississippi. 
Right now I am working on 2 tote bags - one is going to Texas and one to Michigan.  
I am smooshing 2 different tutorials together and tweaking them a bit.  I really like what's in my head and can't wait to get it out.  I have parts cut out of the fabric but have some place to be this evening so can't start on it.  :(
It is an open house tonight so I won't be staying long...  :)
  "I must get back to Sherman, I can't leave him alone to long "
"Sherman? I thought you lived alone "
" Sherman is Um,  my  um,  Brother "
"I thought your brothers were in Pennsylvania? It's nice that they came to visit." 
Ta Ta now. Good bye.  :D
LOL,  of course most of my friends know who Sherman is and this open house is at the church so it's like 1 minute from my house.  :)

I will post more as I get things done. Have a great evening 

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