Monday, March 30, 2015

Whoop Whoop!

Today I am linking over to Confessions of a Fabric Addict -  Tuesdays  note: well  I *tried* to link over, but the linky  is closed,  I've been trying to get this post published since Friday but blogger app would not cooperate.  
I have a fabulous Friday finish! 
But this finish goes with a quilt I don't believe I have mentioned here!  Wow I am behind. 
Oh I am not as behind as I thought - Emma's quilt was mentioned here
I finished Emma's quilt in September.  When I held the quilt show in February, Emma was asked if we could show her quilt. She refused stating that she was afraid it would be ripped. When assured by her mom that Aunt Bobbie wouldn't allow anything to happen to it, she said it could be shown , however she had to stay with it all day. We decided the show could do without an energetic 5 and a half year old and left her quilt at home. :) 
Now for my fab Friday finish - Emma Bean just turned 6 and for her birthday we were supposed to go shopping with her cousin Abby (whose birthday is 4  days before Emma's) but Emma was unable to go. It wasn't till a couple days later (it's been a crazy month,  lots of confusion has reigned) that I realized that Aunt Bobbie didn't get Emma a gift because the plan was to buy it while we were shopping. Oops! So I wracked my brain and couldn't think of what to buy or make. Then as I was reorganizing some fabric I came across the fabric from Bean's quilt. Light bulb!  I'll make her a pillow with the leftover blocks.  Then I decided it should be a shaped pillow and made an owl.  I sorta used this tutorial from Ashley but tweaked it a bit. And made it very large (I didn't plan it that way but the quilt block was so big I had to make the owls belly bigger) 
I used all the fabrics in the quilt and some fleece I bought for a fox scarf
(so glad I bought extra.) it was all ready to stuff and then I realized I only had a small handful of stuffing. Not quite.  I got stuffing yesterday and used almost the whole 32 ounce bag. It's so SQuiSHY!  I think I want to keep it.  I really like the strip of fabric in between the two pillow pieces. It gives it a boxier look.

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My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

What a sweet owl quilt and what a sweet model!