Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dippin' Dots Dress

From "this"
I found this adorable dress at the Clipper Closet- our local thrift store. Alas, it is way too short for my niece- but I figured for 25cents I could fix it some how. I had her cover her eyes with a baby blanket when I tried it on her so it would be a surprise- I LOVE Surprises!  She knows that it is pink and soft and its for her. My sister has made over "too short" adult size dresses for Abby before so I knew it could be done.

way too short!

Of course since it is from Aunt Bobbie, I couldn't just add fabric to it -I had to get all carried away and patchwork it. I should have taken more pictures but my camera was all the way in the living room and I was in the groove. I almost forgot to take the "before" picture- I had already cut the ruffle off when I remembered. I am calling this the Dippin' Dots Dress because this fabric makes me want ice cream! 

I can not believe how well this fabric matches the pink in the dress. Both fabrics came in the "bevy of boxes" from my California Mom! (Thank You Bevy!)  I had a picture in my head but had no real pattern- I just kinda said "hmm lets make some pinwheels"- then I cut the half square triangles and decided they were too big. So I got two mini HST's from each "too big" HST.

to "that"
Then I made the Oh SO Easy four patch blocks-  and just pieced pieces til it fit the ruffle.  The worst part was taking the stinking ruffle off- that dress was well made, I tell ya, and I ended up using my cutter bee scissors to remove the ruffle because my seam ripper wouldnt work- I think it took longer to rip that ruffle off than it did to piece the entire quilt part! I will not be seeing Abby until Monday, so I have to wait a few more days to give it to her- I will post pix of her modeling it then!

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Bobbie said...

I just realized I dont have a picture of the back! I shall take one when Abby models for me!