Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its Wednesday!

As I was walking out the door to go to work
 I remembered it was thursday!

Well it was Wednesday when I started,  but time got away from me so now it is time for Teacup Thursday! In honor of  Cynthia's Giveaway    I have put together a little bitty  tea party!(Hop on over to Cynthia's to see this adorable bakers rack- havent figured out how to add her pix to my blog but   Tales from an OC COTTAGE did it so I'm sure it can be done. )
 My bears and bunny usually enjoy their tea next to my bookshelf at home, but were glad to get out of the house and join me at work today! I love being able to edit my pictures- you can't even tell I took them at work!

You shoulda seen me running around "oh I need this - dont forget that!"

Mom is having way too much
fun test driving this long arm machine!

My mom and I went to the Petunia City Quilters Quilt show and had a blast! I got an autographed quilt book and learned a neato way to make a four patch square! We also got to test drive a long arm quilter- oooh I want one!I have been quilting and sewing and gluing up a storm but did I remember to take pictures--- nope! I will endeavor to post some tomorrow! ( hey it's tomorrow- if you look closely at the quilt squares my bears and bunny are sitting on you will see the "Scrappy Trails to You" blocks I have been working on. Thank you Donna for my new book.) 

My bears are enjoying their tea withAlice in Wonder land and Narnia!
Others who are joining the TeaParty!


Bobbie said...

Just making sure this is- Mom was having trouble yesterday- and since she couldnt say it I will say it for her "off with her head""

Bobbie said...

that was supposta say "working" but our internet is so slow it cant keep up with my typing- and I type slowish