Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teacup Thursday

Can you see the cinnamon bread and crumbs?
- the house smelled so good this morning!

Here it is again Teacup Thursday! Last week I actually received 2 new cups on Thursday- but didn't know until Friday. This is one of them - they are gifts from my FABULOUS CaliforniaMom! I especially love this one. Most teacups are for right handed people- if they are painted inside and you hold it in your left hand you don't get to see the pretties! I have a friend who has been looking in vain for a left handed teacup for me. The fine folks in Staffordshire England have come up with a solution:

This cup is ambidextrous!
The flowers on the inside go all the way around!  Now when I hold it in either hand I can still enjoy the flowers! Simple Pleasures!!
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