Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Actuated by the Hop part 2

 If your name is CAMom Please do not read any further!!! You have to wait for the mail (hopefully tomorrow's mail) before reading this post! CAMom received her package on thursday!

WORD Of THE DAYMain Entry -Actuate
Part of Speech- verb
Definition- to start a function or action, motivate, to set working
Notes: when something is activated, it is made active. When something is actuated it is moved to take action (or produce a consequence)

To celebrate CaMom's Birthday, SisterMine, MySweetMommie, Abbydoo and I were planning a surprise made by all of us. But as the best laid plans of mice and men seem to go, we were unable to complete said surprise. So I found myself with less than a week before the birthday and nothing to send my very dear CAMom. And then the Creeping Crud found me and I ended up with only 3 days to make something! But as usual- I work best under pressure and was actuated by the over 159 tabletoppers
pinterest page

in the blog hop and this little block from Christine to make my own table topper. I can't tell you how much fun I had hopping with Madame Samm on this table topper hop! So many great quilters and new friends to meet!

CAMom if you are still reading this you are in BIG Trouble! No Peeking! She did good and didn't peek!

From this
Years ago CaMom sent Sistermine and me a bunch of vest and jumpstart panels. I made most of them and put some away for gifts but saved these  to make *someday* for myself, but never did. I also had  fabrics from the same line that I thought about using for curtains in my sewing room but decided not to use. The designs on these panels were sew cute that I decided to make the improv log cabin block with them. It was a very fun block to make! No measuring allowed! In fact, it was so much fun, I made two!

to that!     This one is for My tabletopper

"Cut, Sew and Enjoy" 
I stole the title from the instructions fabric  I used in the quilt

I played around a bit with the quilting - these mini quilt's are great for practicing! I used the sewing basket from the vest as my label and some pink checked fabric from my "supplier" (AKA CaMom) for the backing. I really like the way both blocks turned out and had a hard time choosing which one to send!
I hope CaMom enjoys her mini quilt and knows how much I love her! Happy Belated Birthday!

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You are just the very best of everything great in my life. I love your absolutely wonderful sense of humor and adventure. I love my wonderful mini quilt and as soon as I find my way into the sewing room it will be on my wall. I have just the right spot along with my silly goose puzzle which is a daily reminder of all the love I feel from your mom, my super dupper friend of a lifetime. You all make my life wonderful and I smile when I think of you.