Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cherry Blossoms tea cup & Mug Rug

Wow it's been a crazy month and its only the fifth! I had all sorts of plans to post last thursday and poof its next thursday already! I have been discovering lots of nifty neato peachy keen cool n stuff blogs from the lists on the sides of other blogs- I just haven't figured out how to put one of those lists on the side of *my* blog. I just figured out how to one on the side of *my* blog!  On one of these "ooh let's see what they have over here" adventures I discovered Cherry Blossoms Quilting- What made me peek at her blog? It was this:

Isn't it cute? I love all the details. Thanks to the Expo and a BOM from CaMom, I have been tinkering with applique- I played around with applique many moons ago- mostly sweatshirts using t- shirt paints instead of stitching. I did make a wall hanging for my MIL but the stitches were Faux- made with a pen. So, of course I see Cherry's adorable mug rug, and then I look at my mug rug

snazzy ain't it?

and think "I can do that, I need a cute mug rug." I printed out a picture of Cherry's rug and proceeded to copy it. I was going through some scraps at MySweetMommie's while she sewed her triangles together and came across fabric with hearts in a circle so I asked if I could have them. I got home around 11:30pm and had to play around with the mug rug. searching for the right scraps was alot of fun- except I never found the right scrap for the cat.
Notice the cup is turned around because I am left- handed!
Not because I forgot to flip my template, no no that's not it

Now I have a cute mug rug of my own- I still need to work on my stitching- everything I have read seems to indicate an open toe darning foot would expedite the stitching process because I'd be able to see where I am sewing. I have a whole box of feet (sounds psychotic, doesn't it?) but the only darning foot is a high shank and my machine is a low shank.  I guess I will have to get the right foot and make some more rugs to practice :)

  !Sew We Quilt! is hosting a month of kitchen tutorials and this morning they sent a lovely tutorial for a cup cozy- maybe I should make one to match my mug rug.....

It is Teacup Thursday and since I am sharing my rug from Cherry Blossoms I thought I would share a cherry blossoms tea cup too!

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I am  participating in a yesteryear challenge over at Quilt Monster in My Closet and finished a WIP on Saturday. It is not as old as some of my PHD's (projects half done) This quilt was supposed to be for my "daughter's" baby girl's shower (I am CindyLou's Mommy #2- I AM NOT M's Grandma tho') I of course was last minuting the quilting and on the day of the shower was feverishly quilting when my machine decided to rebel and I went to the shower with the quilt not finished and put it away. Since they live out of state, I forgot about the quilt- except when they visited.  M just turned one year old and we had a belated birthday party for her so I finished up her quilt and made a bunny too.

The reason my machine rebelled? my cone thread had been slit
when the box of thread was opened so I had all
sorts of short lengths of thread trying to go through my machine.

the back

I was also inspired by Quilt Monster in the Closet to organize my stash. I now have 37 mini bolts of fabric and will have many many many many many more- especially since I know that CaMom sent me more fabric for my birthday which happens to be Easter Sunday- more on that tomorrow!

the first box of fabric- all from CaMom's stash
some of this fabric pre-dates 1978!
Have a great day!
Bobbie :)


Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

Love your mug rug and cherry blossom teacup. How special! You are a talented lady! I don't quilt...but love cross stitch. Hand crafts are so fun and relaxing!

Christine L said...

Thank you for LINKING UP at the Yester Year Challenge! WOW predating 1978 is definitely a YesterYear project fun!! Don't you love how you can see all your fabric now!!

Mrs.Pickles said...

Lovely work! That is some very old fabric just perfect for this challenge!!