Monday, April 23, 2012

Actuated by the Hop

Main Entry -Actuate
Part of Speech- verb
Definition- to start a function or action, motivate, to set working
Notes: when something is activated, it is made active. When something is actuated it is moved to take action (or produce a consequence)

I have been "bolting" my fabric and in the midst of going through totes, I have rediscovered fabric I had forgotten about. PHD's, UFO's and WIP's have been lurking in these boxes for so long that I do not remember what Iwas making, or in some cases what in the world I was thinking. I unearthed a chain of 4 inch squares, stitched to become HST's - I thought " Cool, I can just cut them and woo hoo! half square triangles." I grabbed my handy dandy cutter and WHOA Nellie- I realized why this chain had been relegated to the bottom of the tote- The person (ahem that would be me) who stitched these cute squares together did a beautiful straight stitch 1/4 inch from each line. Unfortunately she stitched them wrong sides together and since I *know* she didn't possess the knowledge to make a raggy edge quilt at the time- they were not supposed to be that way! I was able to unstitch them and will be restitching them in the near future. I had thought that I might use them for a table topper but wasn't really "feeling" it. I also discovered a few Daisy Kingdom panels that I had always *planned* to make but never did.  The other day, I found this block that Christine over at Quilt Monster in my Closet did and she was so kind to send me the link to the tutorial. As I had the bee block and all these lovely table toppers floating in my noggin, I started playing.... (insert dramatic music here)    I *was* going to show you what I did with my Daisy Kingdom vest and jumpstart, but since my camera battery has decided it needs recharged, and somebody left the charger at home- I can't take pictures!  Grrr Snarl Spit! I will tell you that I ended up making a tabletopper ( hence the title of this post) and if you check back on Wednesday- I will have pictures of my tabletopper quilt!

Until then enjoy the tabletoppers that the Hop Participants have shared!

click here to see all the toppers
in one spot

Thank you for all the get well wishes! I can talk again- my voice came back Saturday afternoon. I am still not feeling up to par, but hopefully the antibiotic will help soon!


Deonn @ Quiltscapes said...

Bobbie, I love your "Word of the Day"; such a nice way to say "get off your fanny and get something done..." speaking to myself, of course! Can't wait to see your creation tomorrow!

Christine L said...

Bobbie, Thank you for the SHOUT OUT! You are too sweet! I look forward to seeing your project soon! I love the Table Top Blog Hop I have found so many ideas to try!