Friday, April 27, 2012

Granny's Domestic Bliss

I have been working on my "Granny's Domestic Bliss" quilt off and on for a while now.

If Granny could tell me the secret of domestic bliss, I know she would say FORGIVENESS.  That sends my mind to Ephesians 4:32- "Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." Wow! That verse packs a punch- how often are we kinder to strangers than we are our own family?  I wanted to illustrate that verse with this quilt, so I ventured off into the hitherto unknown (by me) world of FMQ... free motion quilting- I have this great idea in my head and if I can just get my sewing machine to go along, I think it's gonna work.

So far the biggest problem seems to be seeing where the needle is going- from everything I've read, I think I need to find a different foot for my machine? Until then I am just going slowly and picking out the bad stitiches. 


Here is the top border. I may go back and add antennae to the bee and I am not sure if I like the "n" in kind.
 The side borders will say Bee Forgiving and Bee tenderhearted. <----- I hope!   The bottom border will say Ephesians 4:32 or just a row of hearts.     I quilted an echo flower on two of the blocks and an echo heart in 2 others.  It's slowly progressing and I am learning patience. :) I haven't taken good pictures of the echoes, I will try to remember this weekend.

 I am sew excited! I get to be part of the next Blog Hop beginning July 1st! I have sew many RWB ideas running thru my little mind!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie! Such a nice the Scripture and the stitching~! You did a great job! I wouldn't know how to do that on a machine...only by hand. I love the idea of the fruits of the Spirit~ ♥♥♥