Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cozy Afternoon begins tomorrow!

I am super excited to start Jacquelynn Steves cozy afternoon quilt tomorrow! I have all my fabric awaiting me in a little tote.  I mistakenly thought this started on the first of June and I believe I signed up for it at the end of April.... So  my anticipation is running high speed!  This is the first time I've begun a BOM at the very beginning, and had all my fabric picked out and ready to sew.  I've been collecting raspberry and greens for a long while and I think this will be the perfect time to  use them.  
Raspberry and Greens
-sorry for the  horrible picture

someone suggested I make a quilt out
 of this picture... maybe someday soon!!!

This week I had the privilege and pleasure of  baby sitting my niece - I was able to do some s summer fun things that I had on my Pinterest board.  I told Emma Bean that I had a list and it has at least 111 things on it.  We flew kites,  had a picnic,  started reading Pippi Longstocking, 
one foot two foot purple foot yellow foot

 practiced painting with our feet (for a fun footprint gift later) built a fort (camped and roasted imaginary marshmallows), colored, made pink pancakes,  splashed through every Puddle we could find,  danced,  made up silly songs,  took walks and had a ton of fun. 
My list hasn't really shrunk much-I think it's like a hydra: cross off one project and two more appear!  Tomorrow I get to play at Bean's   again and  start a quilt!  Sounds like a fabulous Monday to me!
You can sign up for this free BOM Here

puddle jumping fun

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