Monday, June 8, 2015

Undeserved and unexpected

"An undeserved and unexpected gift is the most pleasant to give and to receive " this quote was on my calendar  and this morning I received a most pleasant gift from my swap angel! I love it!  There fabric is fabulous - there's a placemat (quilted AND  embroidered)  a coffee Cozy - with rick rack, heart head pins and the cutest fabric!  I am swooning!  Valentine's is my favorite.  The Embroidery reminds me of a picture of my sister when she was little  - I love embroidery but don't want to do it! I've been working on a project for my mom  since 1998. But I sure love it when some one else does it!  Thank you thank you thank you! (if you walk by my window you may see someone dancing around with a placemat)
Today I am making a list of all the projects I am working on and need to do.   I probably should make a list of blog posts too. I decided I need a white board in my studio so I can cross things off and remember others.  I started my list and got distracted by my squishy package.  I had to go to the door tho get the mail because I am painting my mail box and it's lying in the grass.  I should have videoed the look of confusion when the mail lady realized the mailbox was gone.  :) I will post a "from this to that" picture as soon as I have a "to that"
Have a great Monday 

Update! Today must be angel day!  Remember the person dancing around the room with a placemat?  Well now she's dancing around with a fat  quarter bundle and a mini quilt! I couldn't believe my eyes when the DHL truck stopped next door (no one lives there, it's under construction)  and proceeded to my house!  This package came all the way from Malaysia!   The lovely fat  quarters are  Zoey in lemon chiffon -  gorgeous!  And a mini quilt  that even matches my studio. I'm astounded at the generosity of our angels!  Quilters are good folk! 

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