Thursday, June 11, 2015

From This : old mailbox To That: fun Letter box

I said the other day that I was working on my mailbox.  My original plan was to just spray paint  it with Rustoleum textured paint  and leave it just dark gray and classy.  However,  the paint....  Hmm....  It was probably me...  But it's much easier to blame the paint....  When I sprayed the paint, oh twas gorgeous.....
for a minute and then it was like piles of sand on the beach but only on one side. Maybe it was the wind..  Any how it wasn't pretty and since it's textured paint it wasn't too keen on being smoothed out either.  So I grabbed an envelope (it was in the mail pile just inside the door - had to move fast before the paint dried,  no time to Google "how to smooth piles of sand in your paint")  and scraped the piles of sand off the mailbox.  Kinda fitting to use an envelope. :p
Then I tried again and turned so the wind wasn't a factor.  Still had piles of  sand...  But not as bad,  scraped some more with my envelope. Then sprayed the top of the mailbox... Oops! not only do I have piles of sand but now I am out of paint!  Okay,  tried to fall back on sponge painting techniques (with my envelope)  but there wasn't enough sand in my pile.  Guess I'll  have to wait. 
Day 2 Hey! I have a can of black spray paint -  I can spray the top  and the legs with that and make it look better.  Shake it up and start to spray... Nooo!  It was more like spray spray, sputter, spurt then nada, ok we'll just clean the nozzle - it won't come off..  OK just pour the stuff on the nozzle and let it sit...  Hours later... Still nada. 
Okay time for plan B, no I guess this is plan C. My poor mail box is partially painted but I don't want to put it back up on the house cause it looks terrible.  Meanwhile my mail lady is having to place the mail in the box that is lying in the grass.  I have to get this finished.
I decided to disguise the sand piles with a design.  So off to Pinterest (thank you People Who Invented Pinterest - I love you) to search for painted mailboxes. I'm in a summer mood and loved the beachy ones but decided that I needed something less seasonal.  I sketched out my design, picked up my paintbrush and painted something totally different than what I sketched - sometimes the paint brush has a mind of its own.  I was liking it and almost ruined it because a little earwig AKA pincher bug climbed out of the mail box.  I had brush in my left hand, mailbox in the right and a palette full of paint in my lap! I kinda screamed (interesting sound when you have laryngitis) and jumped.  Swooped a bit  of paint across my postmark but it was fixable.  Now if said insect had possessed a couple more legs... Well imagine some splatter painting across my bedroom. 
I wanted something  *inside* the mailbox to make the postman smile so back to Pinterest I went. At first I searched for "mail quotes"  and up came a bunch of quotes from "You've Got Mail"  which means I will be viewing the movie later today.  "Don't you just love New York in the fall. Makes me want to run out and buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils..." ✏✏✏✏
So I searched for "letter mail quotes"  and came up with some neat ones. So many that I started a new pinterest board.  You can see it here. I just used my Sharpie to write the quote inside the lid and then drew an envelope with my name and address on it. 
My mail lady came just as I had finished spraying Magic spray on it.  She smiled.  Mission accomplished!
Now I'm gonna write a letter. 


Francine said...

This is so adorable! What a fun project and I'm sure it brings your mail carrier a smile every day ;)

Karen said...

I LOVE this! It is the most charming mailbox and makes me think that there is hope for mine. Thank you for sharing the whole story of how this mailbox came to be. I am off to check your pinterest board.