Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I *can* share this!

I am working on a major projects and really wanted to share with you, however,  it's a surprise and the recipient may or may not read my blog.  Phooey!  But I realized that I *can* share parts of the quilt because they aren't as revealing.  Other features of the quilt would scream "I'm making this for <insert recipient's name here>" 
I am writing about the rest of the blocks and will post them after the gifting is completed. 
The center block of this quilt is 16 inches  and when I sketched it out I had 12 blocks around it. But that made the 12 blocks rather small and most of them are applique - so I added a border around the center block and made the blocks 8.5. 
The first block is a fruit is the Spirit tree adapted from an embroidery I saw on Pinterest.  I used Stonehenge for the tree and scrappy greens for the leaves. Today I will be stitching everything and a friend is going to embroider the Fruits on the tree for me. 
I'm very happy with the way the pattern is coming together.  I am having fun making it.  Hopefully it looks as pretty in fabric as it does in my head!

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