Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I WON!! and Photo Scavenger Hunt

I am so jazzed, ecstatic and over the moon! I got a message in my inbox that I won a a giveaway over at
Click here to visit her blog!
I am doing cartwheels! ( not really, *if* I could do  cart wheels, I would be doing them!) I won a gift certificate to
Now my problem is deciding which of the 50 or sew charm packs, fat quarters, jelly rolls and layer cakes that I am drooling over to order! I have visited them 3 times this morning and each time, instead of narrowing down the choices, I add another idea to my list.  I will figure it out soon and let you know!

Thank you SEW very much Cyndi! I will enjoy my fabric immensely!

I decided that I would join some other bloggers on a Photo scavenger hunt for the month of April. I took a few pictures but didn't quite make the deadline. Yesterday, I enlisted the help of the kidlets and we went on the photo scavenger hunt in the rain! They came up with some great ideas and we had a blast! Here is what we came up with:

Sunshine Boy's Rock collection from the Dunes

Sticky stretchy Dinosaur
A.C.'s Sticky Scotcharoo

Peeling Tape off the window at work


The directions for the new oven

that way
this way


AbbyDoo and AC indulging in all the candy

Earl Stanley Grey indulging in his favorite past time


On the Move


according to Sunshine Boy
"Aunt Bobbie is amazing"
Aunt Bobbie thinksSunshineBoy is pretty amazing too!


Can't Live Without

AbbyDoo said BOOKS! ( she grabbed the nearest one)

SunshineBoy said PAPER to draw on!



AbbyDoo in and out of the living room

The crayons are in and out of the box

SunshineBoy's head is in and out of his hood

The scavenger hunt was so much fun! The kidlets came up with some great ideas! I can't wait until next time! Our new word list for May is
good things
small packages
front page
do you see what I see?
I am linking up to Postcards from the PP!

Check Back tomorrow for a new TA DA! and a teacup!
TTFN Bobbie :)
PS there is a giveaway over at Tricia's Craftbox! She is giving away knitted dishtowels and some wool!Check it out!


greenthumb said...

What a fun group of photos, I like the sticky little dinosaur.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Welcome to the scavenger hunt and well done on getting all the photos (and more)! It's amazing what a bit of extra brain power will do.

Ruth Kelly said...

Good job on the scavenger hunt. I especially like your in and out. Several of us chose books as can't live without.

Lisa said...

Such a good selection with extra choices, the oven directions were an inspired choice.
Lisa x

Sandra said...

Love this set of photos, great that the kids wanted to join in, they had some fun ideas! I had a giggle looking at these, thanks!!

Paula said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun doing this, looking forward to seeing your photos for next month's challenge.

Down by the sea said...

Great set of photographs, you were lucky having so much extra help, I expect they will want to help you with next months too.