Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kitty in the Window

Kitty in the Window

Have you Hugged your cat today?

Today is Hug your Cat Day! So it is fitting that my "ta-da" is my "Kitty in the Window" Wall hanging! Sunday afternoon, I took two of my King's Kids Girls out to lunch for filling our star chart up last year. One of the girls mentioned that she wanted to have kitty decorations in her room and the wheels in my head started turning... This fabric would be purrfect for a little girl!  So, after dropping the girls off at home, I started this little wall hanging on Sunday afternoon, and finished it up on Monday evening. I almost had the block finished before church Sunday night but it just needed *something.* I found the fat quarter of the orange polka dots while MySweetMommie and I were shopping on Monday- and I had the block in the car so I could match the colors.  I think it gave it just the right oomph! I added blue rick rack and some boring buttons. Miss Christa loved it.  I have plans to make a matching pillow for her as well.
the improv log cabin  block is so much fun to make

quilting on the back

My other "ta-da" is this set of baby blocks that I made on Saturday. I added plastic in between the layers of one of the blocks to make it crinkle and added a bell inside another. All of the fabrics have fun textures too. The parents liked the blocks- the baby is only a week old so we will have to wait to see how he likes them. :) Stanley liked them- he thought his job was the official cuddliness inspector .

 Word of the Day
Main entry: pulchritudinous [puhl-kri-tood-n-uhs]
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: beautiful


This Teacup belonged to my dear Amyfriend's grandmother. It is one of my most treasured cups. It is so feminine and springy. It is  very pulchritudinous. I have another cup with a similar design that I received at our Ladies Spring Tea. It has the same border, just different flowers in the center. 

Speaking of flowers, my irises are full of buds and some of them look like they are kissing. I've never noticed this before but thought it looked neat.

My irises seem to be growing in a circle

two of the buds on two of the plants
look to be connected

Also participating in Teacup Thursday:
Atteatude and Chocolate and of course our wonderful Hostess Miss Spenser

Have a  delightful day! Tomorrow I will hopefully be posting a yester year WIP....
Bobbie :)

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