Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Might I borrow your foot?

Pink Flamingo Photo - Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama
Photo from NiteOwlTX

Wowza- Last week I was MIA because I was having way too much fun entering giveaways from Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day Week. There were over 500 giveaways and I only made it to about 300! They are having another Giveaway Day in December and I will definitely start the entering sooner. (I didn't start until Wednesday.) I may even have a giveaway here!  In the midst of all that fun, I won FIVE giveaways! I will be sharing all the details right here when I have the prizes in my hot little hands. ( much easier to take the pictures that way!)


In other news, I received the notice for "my" day on the Red White and Blue Blog Hop- I am scheduled for  Friday, July 13th. I will be having a giveaway that day for sure! I already have my  Red White and Blue Blocks in Progress. I told my friend she couldn't have her birthday present because I had to get "unfinished" pictures of it for the hop. :)

FatQuarterGANG_banner400pxBLUEThey have started a Gang over at Art Gallery Fabrics!  A Fat Quarter Gang! If the first post is any indication, this is going to be hilarious and sew much fun! Check it out here!

Tonight Sherman and I will be feverishly finishing my project before the Christmas Train leaves the station tomorrow! I was going to quilt it last night and discovered the only piece of batting I had was too skinny and piecing it would require alot of pieces. I didn't really want to have to have a quilt in the middle of my quilt. Hopefully, I can find some during my lunch break, or I shall be finding a quick project to whip up in its place :) UPDATE at 4:47pm: I found some batting at the Hope Chest Thrift store- I think it will work! We shall see when I get home from church tonight!

 Sherman and I are getting along splendidly now that I have figured out some of his quirks and borrowed AbbyDoo's (excuse me "Louisa's" AbbyDoo had to name her machine too) 1/4 inch foot. Hence the title of this post. For some reason, Sherman didn't come with one and according to the fine folks at Brother's customer service, he wasn't supposed to. Poor guy, missing his foot! Not sure why Louisa came with one since Sherman is the exact same machine.  AbbyDoo is using a 1/2 " seam allowance for her raggy edge quilt so graciously allowed Sherman to borrow Louisa's foot until I get one ordered.
AbbyDoo and Louisa chain piecing with 1/2 inch seams.
Sistermine is chain piecing HST's with Shubal (her Singer)

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