Friday, June 22, 2012

It's still Friday!

Most Fridays, I stop at Stitches In Time on my way to MySweetMommie's and I usually buy at least a fat quarter. Because y'know I always NEED more fabric.Tonight I stopped in and lo and behold they had a basket of scraps that you could fill a bag with for 5 bucks! I started digging and these weren't  justany  small scraps. There were four inch squares, jelly roll strips and layer cake squares, fat quarters and some pieces were even larger! I ended up with 4 bags of amazing scraps! The only rule was the bag had to close. My bags were closed just long enough to count. I was so excited to show Mom what I got that I forgot to take pictures of the other two bags. They were stuffed to the gills!


Here's all that was in there!

almost a full layer cake!

I see more RWB for my block hop blocks!

a nice stack of 4inch squares and even some pinwheels
already put together!

This was just way too much fun! Thanks Rebecca for all your help!

MySweetMommie and I are Left handed and I guess I just got used to using right handed tools in my left hand. Tonight I realized that my rotary cutter could be switched over for left handed use! It works even better now! All I had to do was unscrew the blade  and move it to the other side!
Mom hasn't figured out what she is making yet but it's starting to look purty!