Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Wanderings

It is Wednesday and my mind is wandering!
Since I only get to a real computer on W Th and F, I will have to share my weekend with you today!
I love the way it looks like Stained Glass
with the light behind it

MySweetMommie and I had our Friday Night Sew in and she completed her Mystery Project Flimsy- She figured out what it is- can you? I now have her working on four more spinning stars for another Mystery Project. ( Mommie doesn't know what this one is.)

 She just now sent me the pictures of the the new blocks and they look great! I am proud of her!

             Saturday, whilst working at the Dosido (aka grocery Store) I got an itch to go shopping. I found a garage sale and since it was only 10 or so minutes from MySweetMommie's house, and her house is 30 minutes closer to the mall, I had her meet me at Stitches in Time Quilt Shop. ( Of course I had to visit my favorite clearance corner.) Can't go wrong at 50% off!
Some of this loot will be in the stash box

 Then we headed up to Rockford to Sonic (hip hip hooray for Strawberry Vanilla Dr Pepper and Happy Hour)  and then to Quilter's General Store. I get their newsletters and haven't been able to get up there to visit. It was a busy place- there was a shop hop going on that I hadn't heard about. Which, in retrospect, was a good thing. Mom was supposed to keep me from spending too much moolah and extra shops would have pushed me over the edge!
Loot from Quilter's General Store!  The stripey stuff  goes well with
the Honk Honk fabric for the Car Carrier I am making.

We went to Joann's and I only spent $8 and didn't buy anything for me. Oh wait I did- I got me a pair of snippits (half price.) I  managed NOT to go into Hobby Lobby- an incredibly amazing feat, thank you very much! Then we ended up at the mall and had a blast just browsing. Until I found Charming Charlie's! WOW what a fun store! SENSORY OVerlOaD!!(we will save that for another post!) Chipotle for supper and then to Starbucks (  aahhh! Mocha Coconut Java Chip!) We even managed to get home before midnight so we didn't turn into pumpkins.  


The RED White and Blue Blog Hop is coming up very soon and one of my blocks is for a silent auction this Saturday, so I had to finish it. I FMQed the borders with stars! I am so excited- it worked!
 MY day for the hop is the 13th! That would be Friday the 13th! My lucky day! (although I don't believe in luck- God is in control no matter what the day!) 

I also joined the Think Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Leslie over at The Cuddle Quilter. I think I may already have a couple blocks done for it!

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lori said...

oh sew the 4 spinning stars is another project thats a good thing. cuz i throught maybe it want with well u know ...... heheh

lori said...

and thanx teach....... i really really likey theses four iam making now colours are fad.....