Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lookee What I won!

Okay, first of all, WHO stole the month of MAY? And JUST How did June get here when I wasn't done with May? Sistermine said on Monday that we would not be able to get the "thus and such" done for Father's Day  'cause we'd have to mail it before camp. I was thinkin'  "we have plenty of time before Father's Day, it's not til the 14th of June" she's like "um Bobbie that's less than two weeks away" It just can't be June already! Oh well, sorry Dad- you might get a "thus and such" for your birthday- (that's not til November) Sistermine gotcha something cool for Father's Day. 

I won a few goodies during the SewMamaSew giveaways and some of them arrived this week! I got fun stuff in my mail box 3 days in a row! (and I am hoping for another one when I get home)

you can visit Karen's blog here

I won this oh sew adorable Brown Bear bag from Karen over at KarenChatters I just love Eric Carle. Right now,I am using this bag to carry fabric and supplies to MySweetMommie's and SisterMine's houses. But if I can talk myself into it, this bag is going in my gift stash for the next baby shower -- I do so love the polka dots and the red top stitching- She did such a great job on it!  Thank You, Karen!
I love the way the frog is jumping out of the pocket!

I also won this sweet eye glass case from Josee over at the Charming Needle    I probably will not be using it for eyeglasses- I wear my glasses to bed (gotta see what I'm dreaming) so I will use it to hold my phone! It fits perfectly! I love the quilted design on the wool and it even has a touch of turquoise which happens to be one of my favorite colors this year and the posies on the drawstring part are sew sweet! I love it! Thank You!

you can visitJosee's blog here

you can visit Jayme's blog here

I also received a lovely necklace from Jayme at Finding Sweetland but will have to post pictures  another day- I didn't bring it with me! Maybe tomorrow I will have it and the other package to post about! I just found it in the pocket of my Brown Bear Bag! I was afraid I lost it! Isn't it beautiful? I love the colors and the little bit of sparkle! Thank YOU!

Sistermine and I cut out at least 8 gazillion pairs of culottes on Monday ( OK maybe not That many but at least 8 or 10 pair)- Camp is next week and she had a couple girls change their mind about going. She used up all of her stash so asked if we could raid mine. I had culottes to make for one of our girls so we just made a day of it! It was really nice to go to the already cut out fabric and whip up those culottes! I got a pair done in under 1 hour and I am sure that the rest will go faster now that I know the pattern! When our dear CaMom heard that we needed fabric she boxed up 25 yards and shipped it priority mail! (that's in addition to the three boxes o' treasure that she sent parcel post) She is way too good to us!

 Now why, if they are so easy,  didn't I get all my culottes stitched up? For that, you will have to wait until tomorrow! I was having way too much fun with a few other projects! I also learned how to use a new foot! Sounds like dancing lessons!  


As you can see from the pictures AbbyDoo was rather excited about the Snow White panel I got for her at the thrift store- She cut out the pieces while Sistermine and I cut out culottes. She also learned where not to touch the iron - just a small burn, with a little Kara-Vita lotion, she was fine. Mean ole Aunt Bobbie (and Mommy) made her try again and she did great!   
She jumped up and down and all around
She *is* her mother's daughter! Such exuberance!!!
She jumped up and down and all around

Til Tomorrow!


Scrapbook-ChickADoodle said...

Lucky Girl! Wow 3 wins, or is that 4? Nice prizes!

Josée Carrier said...

I'm glad you liked the eyeglasses case. It's great that you have find another use for your phone!