Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday Already!?

UPDATE: Due to Computer Issues Yesterday, Wednesday's Post did not get finished or Posted!! I apologize for the misssing pictures. Check back this afternoon for Thursday's Traveling Stash update and Teacup!

Wow! I have had a sedulous weekend! Friday night I left work a few minutes early so that I could stop at the LQS before it closed. I was still looking for fabric for "the pillow turned quilt" I had a great time chatting with the shop owner and found exactly what I needed. Then, I decided I should go to Wally's since I was half way there anyway and found some fabric (I can hear you fabric purists groaning out there, but it's not for my quilt) on clearance for $1.00 per yard and found more leafy camo fabric (that is for the quilt but in small doses) Our Wal-mart is one of the few that still carry fabric on bolts for which I am grateful- otherwise it's a 30-45 minute drive to the nearest fabric type store! Of course, I knew that once I got home I would have to restrain myself from using said fabric- I had culottes to finish! When I did arrive home I had two fun packages awaiting.

The top one  is the Traveling Stash that I won from Danny over at Mommy For Reals (more on that later!) and the other gimungous box is from CaMom. It was filled to the brim with stuff for SisterMine, stuff for My SweetMommie and the rest was all for me! Fabric, patterns, books, more fat quarters, a lovely battenburg lace tablecloth, all sorts of fun stuff! After getting to the bottom of the boxes, I started sewing culottes and I got all five pair stitched except for the hem and waist bands in no time at all. Sherman did great and just purred away.

On Saturday, after working at the store, I rushed home to make the house presentable. MySweetMommie and Fredly came over and Fredly cleaned out my flower weed bed and added flowers. I grilled chuck eye steaks on my handy dandy George Foreman's (I just got a *new* one for 2.99!) and MySweetMommie made Potato Salad. The steaks turned out great! I marinaded them in Raspberry vinegrette dressing and raspberry soda! We ate outside and enjoyed the summer weather. Fredly did  a great job on the flower bed. Some are already blooming! MySweetMommie also received packages from CaMom, so we got to share our goodies. I do believe CaMom is my fairy CaMother! Instead of saying Bippity Boppity Boo, she says "let's send this to Bobbalou!" *tee hee hee* 
     Just as Mom and Fred were leaving, the owls made a special appearance- they are so amazing to watch.

Sunday afternoon was spent sewing- I assembly lined the hemming and waistband casing process. Then I decided to see if there was an easier way to put the stinkin' elastic in- I fought with one pair of culottes for an hour before church- safety pin opened in mid-shove and got stuck, then it got caught in the pleats and then I repeated the process- I was a snarlin' n spittin' before it was through. I found this link  and wow! What a Difference! I put the elastic in 3 pair of culottes in less time than it took me to do the one last pair! (I had to do the last pair the old way because I already had sewn the casing- I should have just unstitched that casing!) I don't think I will EVER do elastic the old way again! Thank You Sherrie!!!!!  Anyway, the culottes were done on time  and the girls are at camp - hopefully my sewing is holding up! :)
      Monday mornings I usually go to SisterMine's but they went to camp as well, so I had Monday morning all to myself. I worked on the grad "pillow turned quilt" and I am loving how it is coming together.

I also worked on the other grad pillow (that isn't turning into a quilt) and made 64 half square triangles using this speedy 8 at a time method!  After working at the store, I played around with the cute little HSTs and came up with a plan for them.

Then Tuesday morning, I changed it a bit and as of Tuesday evening, I have the flimsy almost finished!

CaMom asked if was an Aunt Sukey's Choice block- I said nope- it's an Aunt Bobbie's Choice! I believe I will add one more skinny yellow border and then a wide blue swirly dot and it will be ready for quilting. What are you working on?

Be sure to check back tomorrow TODAY!!- I will have a tea cup to share and a traveling stash giveaway!

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JanuaryT said...

Thanks for the link to the easy HST! I love the blue and white it looks great. There is something so fun about getting mail. I wish I could get some form of fun mail at least once a week:) I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week! January T