Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Birdies

I have been watching a robin's nest. The nest is in the cross bars of the awning over the front door of the office i work at. There are at least 4 babies in the nest and I was able to get pictures!

The last few nights I have had some kind of critters chattering outside my bedroom window. They usually start about the time I am comfy and don't want to get up to check. I just figured that it was a raccoon or squirrels or something. Last night they started before I became comfortable, so I got up to investigate. There was an owl on the ground outside my window! I grabbed my camera and quietly went outside (in my PJ's!) He looked at me for a few seconds and decided to fly up into the tree. I took one picture and then realized I was being watched- on another branch were two more! I think there were 5 all together but I only got pictures of two. I am assuming the larger one is the Mama or Daddy. I felt like I was looking up into the tree in the Legend of the Guardians; The Owls of Ga'Hoole.
I think this is the Mama or Daddy-
Unfortunately I chopped off the top of her/his head

I played with the pictures in PicMonkey

Hopefully I can get more pictures this weekend!

On the sewing front:
I did finally get Aunt Sukey's Choice done! I actually had it done Tuesday. I love this block! Aunt Sukey and Aunt Bobbie have the same taste! I think I am going to make a few more and do a topper or runner.
I have not worked on the culottes like I should have- tonight's "Friday Night Sew In" will definitely have to be culottes! Especially since Camp is Monday! 

In the Mailbox: I did get a Squishie- but it was a Christmas to the Max Convention surprise- I love it! Hopefully I will get more quilty ones today!

Tomorrow- MySweetMommie and Fredly are coming over for a cookout and Fredly is gonta work on my poor neglected flower weed beds with me!

P.S. there is a giveaway over at Hopeful Threads! Check it out!! Izzy and Ivy patterns are sew adorable!! I hope I win and if I don't, I'm goin' shoppin'!

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sew awsome but OUR GOD IS AWESOME. and this signature pix is really kool youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.