Thursday, October 15, 2015

31 days of courage confidence and hope continues

Wow!!! what an encouraging thing it is when the Lord affirms your path.  This week as I've been endeavoring to keep up with the 31 days challenge - I heard on the radio "how important encouragement is,"  I've received email "7 ways to encourage your friends" (from DaySpring)  and in my Bible reading every day there's been something.  This morning I opened my Ladies Bible Study book (because we have Ladies Bible Study *this* morning and I probably should do the lesson) and our lesson is "Encourage One Another" 
Thank you God! 

In other encouraging news, in the crafty front: I was able to sew for the whole day on Tuesday and my wrist didn't yell at me until late in the evening.  I actually got one of the very late projects finished and I delivered it yesterday! It's encouraging to be able to cross something off my list!  It's so encouraging that every list has "drink coffee"  "pet the cat" on the list so that I can cross at least 2 things off.  ☺

One way to encourage others in this day of email and techy stuff is to send an eCard.  Alot of places online have free ones and they are so easy to send and fun to receive.  DaySpring is one of my favorite places to find them (they also have amazing paper cards - you know the ones you can write on and send through the post office... Snail mail, you can hold it in your hands and set it on your desk to look at without an electronic device.)  I'd rather send a real card but sometimes time and money are an issue,  so eCards do the trick.  I did not realize it but DaySpring is sponsoring the Write31days challenge and 
To  celebrate  all of the amazing Write 31 Days readers who are supporting nearly 2,000 writers this October they are giving away a $500 DaySpring shopping spree. To enter to win this generous gift just click on the link below  & follow the giveaway widget instructions. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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