Friday, October 23, 2015

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Somehow I missed the announcement for the Blogger's Quilt Festival which is held over at amyscreativeside
But it just started today so I think I have time to enter.  This is for the Original Design Category.
This is Twiddling Toes. 
It is so named due to the fact that I saw the block and wanted a tutorial for it and couldn't find a name for it. 
I decided it was kinda like a bear paw only the toes are facing inward, like he's twiddling his thumbs or toes as the case may  be.  I discovered later that it is actually a Capital T block but I like my name better. 
I wanted a positive and negative effect with the switching of the background and foreground.  I stood on a chair, took pictures, rearranged blocks, took more pictures about 6 or 7 times before getting the center the way I wanted it.  I like the way it has a bow in the center. I didn't really plan it, but the twiddling toes blocks form the letter M in 2 corners and this quilt is for my friends Mr. & Mrs. Miles. 

I quilted it with 40wt Aurifil on the bottom and some unknown caramel colored thread I had in my stash.  I have discovered that if I have Aurifil in my bobbin, Sherman doesn't get so cranky about using other thread (he's a much happier machine if I have Aurifil in the top and bottom but a girl's gotta use what she has )
The quilt measures 56x60 and is very snuggly with Warm and Natural Batting.  I did have help with this quilt - the twiddling toes blocks were made as part of the #webeewithit quilting bee.  Thanks to my wonderful hive of helpers I was able to put this together and get it quilted in less than 3 days! Thank you ladies!

Be sure to check out the amazing quilts and categories over at the Blogger's Quilt Festival and vote for your favorites!
Thanks for stopping by!
Mr. Miles looks nice and cozy under his quilt!


ferne said...

Now that is really cute! I just finished a quilt with some bear paws...they are fun to make!

Pauline Perry said...

Lovely quilt with great colours. Love those bears.
perry94022 at hotmail dot com

Annette Schultz said...

love the fall colors in your quilt
in stitches

Katie Cogswell said...

Beautiful quilt!

Katie Cogswell said...

Beautiful quilt!

Gayle Bong said...

I like the new name! and the positive/negativity of the blocks.