Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Never quit Chris - Mondays post

I'm not doing so well keeping up with my 31days challenge. but I am still going!  I believe I am on day 7. 
It is Columbus Day - I always think of a Patch the Pirate song on Columbus day - "never quit Chris is crazy" 
He had a vision and he didn't quit. I'm sure he had days when he wanted to.  Sailing across the ocean was a scary thing even if you weren't searching out a new route. Sailors are notorious for being superstitious and I'd imagine Christopher's crew was terrified - but He didn't turn back he just kept going.  In spite of the difficult time, in spite of the nay sayers and storms. 
What ever it is that you have a vision for: don't quit- who knows, we might get another day off school when you succeed!

There was more to this post but blogger ate it..... Sorry if it seems a bit disjointed!

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