Thursday, October 22, 2015

God provides

Yesterday I was visiting (via Facebook messenger) with my best friend.  She's been going through some trials, just moved, hubby still needs a job, they are staying with parents. I've been jobless and finances are nil. We were both telling what was happening .  Not complaining or whining just sharing.  It was such a blessing.  Why was it such a blessing? Things are terrible but both of us realize that God is good, He loves us, and He still has everything under control. 
My friend said "I feel like I'm whining when I tell everything that's going on because I am so blessed."  Whisper the facts and shout out the blessings. 
Another friend asked how it was going,  she is one of those people who you can tell that she really cares and really wants to know beyond a "fine"  and I found myself telling the facts but as I talked all those blessings came back to my mind.  I am completely broke but I haven't had to buy groceries beyond a gallon of milk or bread. I've been without a vehicle but I have had a ride wherever I needed to go. I was able to watch my sister's kidlets for a whole week.  And now God has provided a car. I am an activity Director and when I don't have a party to plan it's like withdrawal.  I was able to plan our ladies banquet, and am in the midst of another project using those skills.  Every step of the way, He's provided.
Not because I am anything but because He is Everything.!
Share your burdens with a friend - whisper the facts and shout the blessings.  You'll be amazed at what God does.

Sidebar : my phone has auto correct and every time I type God, it types Good.  God is good and everything Good comes from HIM!

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allthingzsewn said...

Thanks for posting, I need reminder. And yes, our God is great.