Tuesday, October 6, 2015

31 days Oh stink! I almost forgot

I just now a at 9:27 pm remembered to write my post!  I was at a Pampered Chef party with friends. We haven't had a real party like that in ages, we've had "book"  parties but not "get together at someone's house and eat food, buy stuff" parties. It's just nice to be with the ladies and have fun. We need to do that more often. Maybe not the "buy stuff"  part :) I am having a pampered chef party but not at my house - my kitchen would not work well for that. 
I did get to have friends over this week. My house was clean (at least the parts that were seen) it's been in CHAOS™ (can't have anyone over syndrome) for awhile.  But this week I had friends over for ice cream, a niece try on her cloak for the castle and my sister came over - all in the same day. It was so nice that I'm going to invite friends over next week too.  It doesn't take much to be hospitable.  A cup of coffee or tea even in a Styrofoam cup can be an encouragement to a friend and to you.  I just get into a prideful rut and start thinking my house is too messy too small, too whatever... And then I miss out on a blessing. 
I just went to Pinterest to find some quotes and searched for "hospitality" lots of great articles have been written about the subject.  One of my favorite books is "If Tea Cups Could Talk " by Emilie Barnes and she had all sorts of tips and tricks for being hospitable and an encourager. 
I need to be looking for ways to get back to hospitality - what about you?

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