Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Yesterday's post is still "publishing" 
Hopefully it will be up later today.

Thought for Tuesday
" One word or note brings more encouragement than a thousand thoughts never expressed"
I've heard it a million times - I was  going to call, I wanted to send a note, I should have....  Often we have been praying for someone,  thinking of someone and want to help in time of trouble but don't know what to say or do.  I remember during a exceeding rough patch, the notes from friends - I read and reread them, they were a tangible reminder that I wasn't alone. Often they just said "I'm praying for you"  and that's it. But oh how I treasured them. 
Are you thinking of someone - let them know!  I've read stories is people who were planning to end it all but someone smiled at them or said something kind and it changed their mind.  Just one kind word - sometimes that takes courage but of what a difference it can make!

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