Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 days starts today

Today starts the 31 days blogging challenge and we are supposed to write about the same topic each day.  I had a brilliant Light Bulb moment  last month. And my light bulb blew.     And of course I didn't write the idea down before it blew. So here it is the first day of the challenge and I have 31 reasons not to procrastinate.  31 ways to miss a deadline.  31 excuses for....  No, no, none of those.  (although I can probably come up with more than enough for each one )
I was thinking more along the lines of encouragement, helping you to smile.   My blog isn't a "how to" blog but maybe you can go from :( to :)  by the end of the post. 
First what is encouragement.? I love the dictionary (I'm one of those words people  who actually read it, if I look up a word I have to read the other words on the page and then the next page...)
The dictionary definition ENCOUR'AGEMENT, noun The act of giving courage, or confidence of success; incitement to action or to practice; incentive
words or actions that give someone confidence or hope.
This sinful world we live in is full of so many discouraging things.  I know I need courage, confidence and hope daily! God has given me some friends who may not know it but they are such an encouragement to me.  Often it's the little things that give us a lift.  My friend Lisa knew I needed a ride to the Walk to End Alzheimers last weekend,  so she came out of her way to pick me up,  which was very kind. But she totally made my day when she brought me coffee and picked up some fruit for me because it might be easier to eat and not mess with my make up.  (I was  Bubbles the Clown.)  Just a little act of thoughtfulness... My friend Nelle is the kindest person I know and I was redecorating this week and sent her a picture of my couch that I had recovered. I said it needs some more pillows and she agreed.  Less than an hour later she was at my door with her arms full of throw pillows. 
Those are just two examples of encouragement in my life. But how can I encourage you - I can't bring my online friends  breakfast or show up with an armload of pillows.  What can I do to cushion your day, to give you a bit of hope?  Just words on a screen... But they are from my heart and I asked the Lord to help you with whatever it is that is keeping you down. 
I've said alot to get to these encouraging words today - hopefully the rest of the posts won't be so verbose :)
All the images are from Pinterest (except the couch and the clown those are from me)

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