Monday, October 5, 2015

My 31days are behind

This should be day 5, however, I was at the Castle with Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Little John, Little Em, and Maid Marion and let's not forget Forsaken the Dragon.  Little John was knighted by the Queen for the second time (the first one must not have taken) 
So today is day 3 for me.
This Sunday we were privileged to hear from the Setzers from Creation Family Ministries. And one of the most encouraging things in this entire universe is : God is the Creator.  We didn't come from slime, we don't have to act like slime, we didn't come from apes, so we don't have to act like apes,. God created is in His Own Image! So we can be like Him. It's also encouraging because if this world came from slime, a big bang, whatever, that would mean no one is in control of it... That's scary, we've all seen those disaster movies where the world is going to explode,  be eaten or taken over. Anytime I watch something like that I think, "why didn't they ask for help from the One in control?"  It is so restful to realize  *God made the earth
*He has promised to protect and provide
*He's still in control
*He knows exactly what is happening.
That sure takes a load of worry off my shoulders. 
Yes this world is a mess. Sin destroys everything it touches. And we are sinners.  Man without God is in trouble and should worry.  But God knew that.  He also made a way out of that trouble.  The Creator knew we could do nothing about our sin, and sent His own Son to take care of that debt for us.
Having God in control, knowing my life is in the hands of the One who created it.  That gives me Courage, Confidence and Hope!

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